• North Tyron Vision and Implementation Plan
  • North Tyron Vision and Implementation Plan

Creating a Premier Urban District

North Tryon Vision and Implementation Plan

Downtown Charlotte’s North Tryon area is the heart of a dynamic city center, with 50 square blocks of the greatest concentration of arts and cultural institutions in the entire region. But it’s also underutilized and underdeveloped. With few other opportunities for neighborhood-scaled development in the area, it was critical that the community come together to advance the City’s urban aspirations. 

The Charlotte Center City 2020 Vision Plan we completed in 2011 showed how the area can create work, live, play, support and learning opportunities for a broad range of ages, incomes and abilities. The North Tyron Vision and Implementation Plans create a catalytic urban design and development framework for linking existing neighborhoods and cultural facilities, activating the public realm, improving the visitor experience, and creating more amenities and a range of housing options for potential residents. The Plan includes elements like land use, building form, pedestrian linkages, street connectors and integrating great urban spaces, as well as catalyst sites and focus areas. 

Because the area is anchored by major cultural, civic, and educational institutions, over 20 stakeholder organizations formed a partnership to guide revitalizing North Tryon ​into a premier urban, mixed use, transit-oriented development district.