• RidgeGate East Village
  • RidgeGate East Village 3D Aerial View
  • RidgeGate East Village 3D Aerial View

Transit Transforms a Downtown

RidgeGate East Village Sub Area Plan

The fast-growing City of Lone Tree says it’s “at the intersection of great business, great people and the great outdoors.” And now it’s poised to have a great downtown.

When the Regional Transportation District (RTD) decided to extend the Southeast Rail Line through the area, it added three new rail stations. And with them, came the opportunity to create new transit-oriented development. We worked with Coventry Development to transform this 3,500-acre project area in the South Denver Metro Area.

The subarea planning, street design standards and design guidelines for each of the station areas, establish a streetscape and public space hierarchy, articulate the desired land use and urban form, and establish landscape and architectural design guidelines. The subarea plan will also maximize opportunities for mixed use and other transit-supportive development around the transit stations.

Project Information

Coventry Development Corporation
Lone Tree, Colorado


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