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  • F Street Visualization

Reactivating a Historic Street

F Street Promenade Plan

Once upon a time F Street was a well-used thoroughfare, connecting the City’s historic downtown with San Diego Bay. But as the City grew and changed, the street changed too. Turning it into the F Street Promenade will activate the area and link the City’s downtown Third Avenue Village, the Civic Center, the Bayshore Bikeway, Bayside Park and the City’s planned waterfront improvements. We engaged the community in an on-street pop-up community event to get their input. The new mobility and streetscape plan creates synergy between distinct areas of the City and better access for vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians. The design concepts include bicycle facilities, a significant increase in the urban forest, gateways and signage, historical interpretive elements, relocating overhead and underground utilities and stormwater improvements. 

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City of Chula Vista
Chula Vista, California


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