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Napa County Health Assessment

The Live Healthy Napa County Collaborative aims to promote and protect the health and wellbeing of every member of the Napa County community. This public-private partnership of the County’s Health and Human Services agency, healthcare organizations and other local organizations convened to establish a foundation for sustainable health improvements. To do that they needed to conduct a community health assessment and develop a comprehensive Community Health Improvement Plan.     

We helped craft the vision, values and principles, designed and implemented a detailed outreach and community assessment process, developed an outreach toolkit and provided facilitation training to support Collaborative members conducting focus groups with diverse stakeholders throughout the County in both English and Spanish.     

The end product, the Napa County Comprehensive Community Health Assessment, outlines specific health needs and resources, and highlights crosscutting themes to address social determinants of health. This Assessment will inform health improvement decisions for years to come. And the process of creating it has expanded the network of people committed to collective impact, heightened community awareness about the sources of health, squarely addressed health inequities and sparked an on-the-ground growing health movement.

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