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Generations of Camping to Come

Mendocino Woodlands Cultural Landscape Report

Mendocino Woodlands, nestled in 700 acres of old redwoods owned by California State Parks, was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. It's one of only two camps that are still intact today—the oldest group camping facility in the U.S. The camp has been well used and loved by countless generations of campers and families, but it faced many challenges including restoring the deteriorating rustic cabins and lodges, densification of the redwood forest, and providing universal access for cabins and lodges perched on steep hillsides. We partnered with the Camp Association, the Park and the University of Oregon Department of Landscape Architecture to provide a cost-effective site history and existing conditions report, while teaching students about cultural landscapes. The full report includes treatment recommendations for the site, and helped forge improved working relationships between the site's partners.

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Mendocino Woodlands Camp Association
Mendocino County, California


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