• Tangerine

This Ain’t No Ordinary Tangerine

Now there’s a new and better way to engage citizens using technology. For the first time, an open source software product helps cities, counties and planning agencies easily and cost-effectively convert complex and long print documents into searchable and interactive websites.

MIG, Inc. and Urban insight—a digital agency specializing in urban planning — have partnered to offer Tangerine, award-winning open source software.

Tangerine converts documents created in Adobe InDesign to a mobile-optimized, searchable and interactive website. With Tangerine, planning agencies and departments get both an elegant printed planning document and a sophisticated yet easy-to-use interactive website.

And why the name Tangerine? According to Urban Insight founder and CEO, Chris Steins, “A tangerine packs a lot of deliciousness into a small package. And who doesn’t like a tangerine?”

“We are so pleased to be working with Urban Insight to introduce this revolutionary technology to the field and our clients,” says Daniel Iacofano, Principal and CEO at MIG.

“The Tangerine software extends our ability to provide technology solutions from start to finish — from community engagement through plan making, publishing and achieving results,” says Steve Kokotas, MIG’s Director of Technology.

For more information, download the Tangerine brochure.
Questions? Contact Steve Kokotas, MIG’s Director of Technology.