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Apple Valley Wins CPRS 2013 Award of Excellence

Congratulations to the Town of Apple Valley Parks and Recreation Department and MIG staff Lauren Schmitt and Cindy Mendoza! The Apple Valley Parks and Recreation Master Plan was honored with the 2013 California Park & Recreation Society (CPRS) Award of Excellence on March 7th at the annual CPRS conference in Ontario, California. Apple Valley’s plan was recognized as an outstanding initiative that delivers the highest level of recreation programs and services, strengthens the role of this California agency in their community and responds to a challenging fiscal environment. The plan provided decision-makers with the tools and information to remain sustainable and to realign recreation services to reflect community priorities. Adopted in June 2013, the plan was developed with substantial community involvement. It proposed new health and wellness programs, and identified future funding priorities as well as ways to increase facility use and reduce costs.

Division Street Corridor

City leaders are asking for help to redesign the entrances to Spokane. Leaders held a meeting Tuesday night at the WSU Phase 1 Classroom Building along Riverpoint Boulevard to receive feedback. City leaders said they are working to implement the community's vision for the Division Street corridor through Downtown and the University District. They are calling the project the "Division Street Gateway.” watch video

Richmond's New Priority: Taking Health Seriously

MIG is working with Richmond, California, to craft its new General Plan, which will provide policy and planning guidance for the physical development of the City. A critical element of the plan is the development of a health policy element (HEP). The HEP will evaluate the overall health and wellness of the community through a Health Impact Assessment; analyze existing public health policies; develop new policies, design guidelines and zoning regulations as appropriate for comprehensive public information and training program; and reach out to the community through extensive public involvement program.

The final Richmond General Plan will include the seven mandatory elements, the HEP, and elements for economic development; education; public facilities and infrastructure; and arts, culture and historic resources. The plan will be a model for California cities who want to utilize the Plan Update process to create tangible lasting change for their community. This session will discuss the process, elements and objectives of this unique planning project and how the lessons and policy elements can be transferred to other communities.

The New York Times featured an article in the Politics section of the Friday, April 2nd edition of the paper.

Planners Seek a Vision for Charlotte of 2020

MIG has just kicked off its newest Downtown Planning effort in Charlotte, North Carolina. MIG principals, Daniel Iacofano and Chris Beynon are leading this new exciting project. Attached are newspaper articles and television media announcing the kick off of the project, the plan objectives and the first major community workshop on Oct. 21.

Smart Communities Award

MIG received a Smart Communities Award from Washington's Governor for the Renton Park, Recreation and Natural Areas Plan "In recognition of excellent work in improvements in quality of live for local communities in the State of Washington" Judges noted that this plan is a "Great model which should work exceptionally well elsewhere". learn more...

Integrating Nature Through Design

In an overlooked area of Tacoma, adjacent to tribal lands and a public housing project, Metro Parks Tacoma (MPT) and Pierce County co-own a 383-acre property known as Swan Creek Park. The park is an irregular-shaped, sparsely developed greenspace that protects the riparian corridor. It’s also a place with a unique WWII history that is extremely important to nearby residents and groups, including school children, volunteers, recreation enthusiasts, the Puyallup Tribe, and immigrants from around the world who live in the adjacent Salishan Redevelopment Community. Read more...

Ibach Park is a Winner!

Rain or shine, Ibach Park has a play area kids will be begging to go. Their award-winning playground is also an interactive educational experience that'll teach the little ones the natural history and culture of the area. learn more...

The Man With the Latest Downtown Plan Says We're "A City of Districts" In Need of "Unity"

Iacofano spoke with Unfair Park a few days ago to discuss the plan's progress—and, more to the point, what he's learned about the city during his travels to and fro in recent weeks, and how that intel gathering will impact the plan he'll present to City Hall next summer. And so a Q&A with Iacofano follows. Jump for it, but mind you don't knock over the stack of binders.

Bay Area Livable Streets: Taking on the Legacy of Autocentric Townscapes

Mukul Malhotra, an MIG Urban Designer, spoke at the “Bay Area Livable Streets: Taking on the Legacy of Auto-Centric Townscapes,” a panel discussion in San Francisco April 15. The panel discussed “a different kind of future, where street life and interactivity flourish within a sped down space time continuum. We will be touching on the City of San Francisco's Better Streets Plan, and one of the first "shared streets" concepts being rolled out on the west coast for the Fisherman's Wharf area. In addition we will have a chance to view the Upper Market Street Plan, designed by Berkeley based, bike/ped planners and urban designers, MIG.”

Dallas City Council Embraces Plan for Enhancing Downtown

After years of new investment and development, Downtown Dallas is in a position today to build on its many strengths by linking areas of success to create a premier urban environment. In the summer of 2009, MIG began working with the City of Dallas and Downtown Dallas, Inc. on a collaborative process to develop “Downtown Dallas 360°,” an Action Plan for the Downtown area and its immediate neighborhoods. An opportunity to pull together previous efforts into a cohesive, strategic set of actions, Downtown Dallas 360° Plan brings together a broad spectrum of Downtown stakeholders into a unique public-private partnership with an aim toward capitalizing on investments; building upon existing and emerging district identities; strengthening connections within and outside of the freeway loop; activating streets; and animating public spaces.

The Downtown Dallas 360° process explores the latest trends in Downtown vitality, resulting in a plan that guides future investments, developments, and decisions to enhance a truly dynamic urban place. Key components are a set of Transformative Strategies, focusing on the recommendations and best practices in the areas of urban design, Complete Streets, parks and open spaces, parking, housing, and transit planning and development. A major outcome of the 360° process has been the identification of a complete Downtown transit network, with options for a new DART light rail line and several streetcar “desire lines” to take advantage of the most opportunities for housing production, job growth, and urban revitalization.

Dallas City Council Embraces Plan for Enhancing Downtown (Article Link)

Art+Design Plan

The Art + Design plan for The Village at Market Creek Plaza was unveiled to the greater San Diego community to much fan fair in October. The plan incorporates recommended opportunity sites for art in the public realm; design guidelines for future private development; a framework for implementation; and as a tool for attracting political and financial support. watch video

Implementation of the Charlotte Center City 2020 Vision Plan

One of the six Focus Areas of the 2020 Vision Plan, The Ballpark Neighborhood, scored a major win when the Charlotte City Council voted to contribute $8 million toward the construction of the Knights Baseball Stadium. The minor league stadium will break ground in October 2012 and the first pitch will be thrown out April 2014! learn more...

Outdoor Water Conservation CPRS 2012

The California Parks & Recreation Society featured an article on MIG's research into cost-saving design measures to conserve water at a community park in Apple Valley, California. The article highlights low-cost and higher investment water saving solutions for park landscape irrigation.