• Social Advocates for Youth San Diego
  • Social Advocates for Youth San Diego
  • Social Advocates for Youth San Diego

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SAY San Diego Strategic Plan

...when families are strong, children are strong. Social Advocates for Youth San Diego (SAY) partners with youth, adults, families and communities to help all reach their full potential. Founded in 1971, SAY has nearly 500 volunteers who serve 70,000 people every year, with a $20 million annual budget. SAY partnerships and services address the comprehensive needs of the entire person or family rather than focusing on one symptom or problem, with core services including before- and after-school programs, juvenile and criminal justice prevention, and family abuse and mental health counseling.

SAY’s new Strategic Plan connects its visions, goals, measurable outcomes and milestones, and specific implementation steps. Plan goals focus on how SAY can grow and broaden its client and community impact, while strengthening and sustaining its foundation. The entire leadership team, Board, staff, community partners and clients got involved in creating the Plan, which also fueled the passion and commitment needed to implement it. SAY work teams now meet regularly, confirming priority strategies and crafting detailed action plans, with task leaders, support staff and schedules. 

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Social Advocates for Youth San Diego
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