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Planning a Healthy, Livable Community

City of Commerce Green Zones Action Plan

As its name implies, most land in the City of Commerce is devoted to commercial, industrial and “goods movement.” But people live there too. And the community has been adversely affected by heavy rail yards and two major state highways that bisect the City—with resulting environmental degradation and health risks. 

The solution: Green Zones. We worked with the City and the Environmental Protection Agency along with community members, businesses and technical experts to review zoning, land use and local, State and Federal environmental policy, and develop policy recommendations that improve quality of life. Strategies like Green Zones address the proximity of harmful industrial uses to sensitive receptors, promote green economic development, and improve the quality of life through urban design and active transportation initiatives. The City Council accepted the recommendations and the result is an Action Plan with action steps, department leads, timeframes for completion, potential funding sources and key metrics. 

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