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MIG welcomes SvR

Now in its 26th year, SvR Design Company of Seattle, Washington, has provided clients with rich, elegant solutions to urban environmental challenges through an interdisciplinary team that scans the surface and dives deep. Because of this breadth and depth of knowledge, clients have sought out SvR to provide feasibility analyses, strategic plans and policies, operational plans, conceptual designs and visualizations, maintenance manuals, as well as plans, specifications and estimates on projects that range from multi-phased urban development and complex district infrastructure to playful public spaces and streetscapes.

We are excited to add SvR to the MIG team. Their experience and expertise adds greater depth and value to MIG’s core services in landscape architecture, urban design and planning. In addition, SvR’s civil engineers are MIG’s first civil engineering team!

To learn more about SvR, visit their website.

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