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RecycleSmart Behavior Change Campaign

Quick: What decomposes faster in a landfill, a tin can or an apple core? Tin can! RecycleSmart (brand name for the solid waste management agency) needed to change customer behavior, to increase standard recycling and food scrap recycling. Their text-heavy newsletters and dense website were just not having the desired impact.  Our approach was to create positive social norming without any finger wagging.

First, we focused on the audiences—providing highly visual tips and information that make the case for recycling without preaching.  Why it matters where that tin can and the apple core end up. The bold, visual forward newsletter uses infographics, photos and illustrations to unpack dense information. Issues explain the processes of recycling/composting and show how each person’s actions have an effect on the community and the larger environment. We bring kids in with alluring articles like “Yes, You Can Eat Garbage,” and “Turn a Carrot into a Banana!” And the website models desired behaviors, while leading people right to the information they need.

Find out why the tin can decomposes first! 

The campaign has won awards from the California Association of Public Information Officers, the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals and the Academy of Interactive Visual Design.

Check out the site.

Project Information

RecycleSmart (Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority)
Contra Costa County, California


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