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Flexibility for the Future

Redwood City General Plan

As one of the oldest communities on the San Francisco Bay peninsula and part of Silicon Valley, Redwood City has historic civic architecture, diverse residential neighborhoods and emerging technology industries. The City’s new General Plan needed to preserve its assets, while allowing thoughtful, sustainable change in the community and the flexibility to adapt to opportunities and unknowns in the future. Combining tools like GIS analysis and CommunityViz with extensive community outreach and hundreds of public comments, the Plan focuses on creating complete neighborhoods and balanced business districts. It introduces new, mixed-use designations that provide direction for future land uses and the urban forms of neighborhoods, districts and corridors. The comprehensive build-out model shows how the City can accommodate new housing, commercial development and businesses and preserve the qualities that distinguish the City.

New zoning regulations will transform the City's roadway corridors into mixed-use, multimodal environments with compact development patterns and graceful transitions to neighborhoods.

Winner of the 2012 Northern Chapter APA Award for Comprehensive Planning, Small Jurisdiction.

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City of Redwood City
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