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Social Policy

Social Policy

MIG specializes in professional services to support initiatives that improve childcare, child development, child welfare, mental health, substance abuse prevention, public welfare, public health, juvenile justice and social equity. MIG has familiarity with and understanding of issues, policies and operations associated with children, youth and family services through direct work with clients at the local, regional, state and national level. We provide strategic planning and implementation support, communications, organizational development, policy planning and environmental design services.

Children & Families
The SNIP Strategic Plan developed by MIG.
Special Needs Inclusion Project Strategic Plan

MIG helped the San Francisco Department of Children, Youth and their Families to improve their capacity to serve children and youth with special needs.

The draft Strategic Plan developed by MIG.
Improving Transition Outcomes Project (ITOP)

MIG helped the City and County of San Francisco in supporting youth with disabilities as they move from the educational to adult system services.

Demographic Map
Denver Play Master Plan

MIG is working with Denver Parks and Recreation to develop an innovative planning model and comprehensive strategy to create the first citywide play master plan in the country.

Community Action Workshop Flyer
Santa Clara County Family-to-Family Planning and Community Outreach

MIG assisted the Santa Clara County Department of Family and Children's Services (DFCS) design and implement a challenging organizational change process that involved staff at all levels of the organization, as well as community and agency partners.

E3 Brochure Cover
E3 Institute Strategic Planning and Branding

MIG developed a strategic plan and a new brand for the E3 Institute, a nonprofit organization that supports early childhood professional development.

LINCC Transit Brochure
Local Investment in Child Care (LINCC) Facilitation and Branding

MIG created a new identity, vision and mission statement for LINCC, an organization that helps nonprofits and government agencies address child care needs in seven California counties.

Environmental Justice
The final transportation plan developed by the MIG Team.
West Oakland Community-Based Transportation Plan

MIG helped develop a transportation plan for West Oakland that will improve mobility for low-income residents.

The final strategic plan prepared by MIG
Metropolitan Transportation Commission Regional Welfare-to-Work Transportation Plan

MIG provided facilitation and strategic planning services to support the development of welfare-to-work planning efforts to improve transportation options for welfare recipients in Alameda and Santa Clara Counties.

Board 1
Metropolitan Transportation Commission 2030 Plan

MIG designed and implemented an ambitious Public Involvement Program to support the update of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Transportation 2030 Plan.

Redwood City Redevelopment Agency staff identify challenges and discuss opportunities to improve mobility in the Fair Oaks neighborhood
Redwood City Fair Oaks Mobility Study

MIG worked with the City of Redwood City to conduct outreach and address critical connectivity issues in the Fair Oaks neighborhood.

The toolkit provides practical, easy-to-understand data and strategies
Southern California Environmental Justice Analysis and Community Outreach Study

An integrated, technical-participatory study linking best practices with community experiences in addressing goods movement impacts.

Healthy Communities
Santa Clara County Mental Health Services Act Community Services & Supports Plan

MIG designed an inclusive and participatory planning process to help develop the Santa Clara County Community Services and Supports (CSS) Plan as mandated by California's Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).

 Planning session.
Sauvie Island Center Strategic Plan

MIG developed a strategic plan for the Center to establish new programs and relationships with the community.

Current condition of the I-710 Freeway
I-710 Major Corridor Study

MIG conducted a multi-leveled community outreach program to identify and incorporate residents' concerns in a study to address infrastructure improvements to a major freeway corridor in Los Angeles County.

Site Plan
Livermore Trails Specific Plan

MIG worked with a housing developer to plan and design a new community based on smart growth and sustainability principles.

Richmond General Plan Cover
Richmond General Plan: Climate Change Element

The three-year general planning effort led by MIG for the City of Richmond was designed to engage the entire community in planning and to reposition the City in the Bay Area and overall as a cutting-edge, 21st century City.