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The Always Dream Park exemplifies MIG's Play For All guidelines, which are based on the following principles: quality play environments are more than just pieces of play equipment—rather, they are exciting and unique places that reflect the history, culture and natural settings of each community; and all children's environments can and should be designed to accommodate and engage children of all ages and abilities. Play is a child’s way of learning. It is an intricate, intimate process that helps children develop and become socially comfortable. Play is learning in its most experimental sense, but it can only be as rich as the social and physical environment where it happens.

Always Dream Park Feature
Sample Guideline: Family Picnic Area
Play for All Book

The award-winning PLAY FOR ALL guidelines has become the industry standard for all planners, designers and manager of accessible and inclusive outdoor play settings.

Conceptual Rendering
Always Dream Park

Innovative play area designed to provide creative and active play opportunities for children with and without disabilities.

Play For All Projects
Park Master Plan
Koret Children's Quarter

MIG help to transform and enliven one of the oldest play areas in the United States in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

Howarth Park

MIG designed an award-winning themed play area for Howarth Park—a 152-acre community park in Santa Rosa—that would be particularly challenging for young people with and without disabilities.

Demographic Map
Denver Play Master Plan

MIG is working with Denver Parks and Recreation to develop an innovative planning model and comprehensive strategy to create the first citywide play master plan in the country.

Honolulu, Hawaii
General Services Administration (GSA) Childcare Centers

MIG developed prototypical and custom-designed childcare centers nationwide for the General Services Administration.

Interactive water pool and river
Comer Children’s Hospital Garden

MIG designed the fourth floor healing garden on the roof outside the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) floor of the Comer's Children's Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.

Creek feature gives children direct contact with nature.
Letterman Childcare Center Outdoor Learning Environment

MIG developed an innovative new outdoor learning environment that meets the needs of various age groups at a new childcare center in San Francisco.

Chase Palm Park 1
Chase Palm Park

MIG created an award-winning, universally designed children's environment located along the Santa Barbara beachfront.

Jurgens Park & Play Area

MIG helped to create an imaginative environment that reflects the site's agricultural history at Jurgens Park in Tualatin, Oregon.

Child on bones
Ibach Park

MIG's design for this award-winning community park in Tualatin, Oregon provides a variety of recreation experiences for people and children of all abilities.