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Entitlement Services

Entitlement Services

If you need assistance with project entitlements, no matter how complex, MIG | Hogle-Ireland staff offers the insight, technical expertise, and communication skills needed to expedite your project. We help clients from project inception through to groundbreaking and issuance of occupancy permits. With over 20 years of specialized entitlement and development processing experience, we combine our unique blend of public and private sector experience to obtain project approvals and achieve your objectives.

Yesler 1
Yesler Terrace

Envision a network of streets that links residents to a new streetcar line and knits the housing into the surrounding community. Streets, parks and gardens work together as a vibrant and connected public realm.

Rendering by HPA Architecture
Goodman Birtcher

Processed a 1.5 million-square-foot industrial distribution warehouse project through Rancho Cucamonga.

Permit Processing

Permit processing services for an entitlement revision, parcel merger, building, landscaping, street improvements, and manufacturing permits for an industrial laundry facility.

Kaiser Permanente Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Worked with Recurrent Energy to obtain approvals/permits for new solar photovoltaic energy installations at medical facilities across California.

Project Management
Claremont University Consortium

Project management for a very complex project, processing entitlements, development agreements and phasing plans, and preparing and processing the EIR through both Upland and Claremont.

Door Components

Project Management services for entitlement, building, and manufacturing permits for the corporate office building in Fontana, CA.