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Community Planning & Urban Design

Community Planning & Urban Design

MIG focuses on developing innovative, sustainable and implementable plans based on performing detailed technical planning and design as well as building wide-spread community support. Our approach emphasizes strategic implementation resulting in new policies, programs and projects that directly and tangibly impact communities. This includes building in tools to create new public and private sector investments in the near term; providing guidance for staff in assessment of future development initiatives; building capacity to optimize scarce City and stakeholder resources; and aligning the right partners to catalyze real, lasting change.

City Centers & Downtowns
Downtown Plan Strategy Diagram
Anchorage Downtown Comprehensive Plan

MIG worked with the Municipality of Anchorage and the Anchorage Downtown Partnership to create a Downtown Master Plan, Development Strategy and Regulatory Revisions that set the course for the next 20 years of downtown Anchorage’s development.

Aerial Perspective of the Ankeny/Burnside district
Ankeny/Burnside Development Framework

MIG led the creation of a development concept and urban design plan for the Ankeny/Burnside Historic District in downtown Portland, Oregon.

View of proposed pedestrian streetscape for winter street in Downtown Crossing.
Boston Downtown Crossing Urban Design Strategy

MIG provided urban design and community engagement services in support of the Boston Redevelopment Agency’s nine-month strategic planning initiative to create an Identity, Branding and Urban Design Strategy for Boston’s historic Downtown Crossing district.

Section illustrating integration of Downtown public transit, retail and branding strategy
Calgary Retail, Branding and Urban Design Strategy

MIG developed an innovative and high-profile plan for Downtown Calgary to cohesively integrate the realms of retail analysis, branding, image, identity, and urban design to strengthen the Downtown core and attract people from across Canada and the world.

Central Petaluma
Central Petaluma Specific Plan EIR

Wagstaff/MIG completed this comprehensive EIR for a proposed central area specific plan.

3-D Downtown Denver Map
Denver Downtown Area Plan

MIG provided a comprehensive new Downtown Area Plan for the City and County of Denver.

South Park and the Staples Center Urban Design
Los Angeles Downtown Development Strategy

MIG collaborated with downtown Los Angeles private and public partners to spur a “renaissance of the downtown area” through a strategic development plan for Downtown Los Angeles.

Envisioned changes along McDaniel Street.
North Las Vegas Downtown Master Plan/Economic Development

The City of North Las Vegas selected MIG to create a downtown master plan and investment strategy to leverage the City’s strengths in order to achieve their goals.

A bird's-eye sketchup of a rejuvenated downtown Ocala
Ocala Downtown Master Plan

Faced with a decline in activities and vibrancy, downtown Ocala was in need of concerted and effective revitalization initiatives in order to restore a dynamic, active environment to the heart of the City.

Strategic Action Plan Development Concept
Sacramento Downtown Strategic Action Plan

MIG created a strategic development framework for the downtown core of Sacramento.

Downtown Development Concept Diagram
Spokane Downtown Development

MIG updated the Downtown Master Plan and Design Guidelines for Spokane, Washington, working closely with the City of Spokane, the Downtown Spokane Partnership, Washington State University, several utilities and neighborhood groups.

3D Model of Downtown Development Strategy
Dallas Downtown Development Plan

A visionary, comprehensive and strategic action plan for the Downtown and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Streetscape Plan
Napa Downtown Specific Plan

A Specific Plan to spur new investment in Downtown Napa and ensure a more inclusive and vibrant city center.

Community Concept Plan Diagram
Palm Springs Desert Plaza

A visionary framework for the transformation of the Desert Fashion Plaza into a dynamic shopping and eating destination.

Downtown Strategy Diagram
Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership Strategic Action Plan

An identification of the key projects, programs and actions for Downtown Pittsburgh over the next five years and beyond.

Downtown Dallas
Dallas Downtown
Main Street Retail District

A dynamic near-term action plan building on existing momentum to transform the core of Downtown Dallas.

Ballpark Neighborhood Illustrative Concept
Charlotte Center City 2020 Vision Plan

A dynamic and implementable development framework for Downtown Charlotte and its adjacent districts.

Corridors & Streets
Vision for a Complete Green Street for Dixieanne Avenue
Sacramento Project of the Year 2009 - Dixieanne Avenue Green Street

Sacramento, California has developed one of the longest green streets in the nation, improving storm-water management, revitalizing a blighted neighborhood and connecting the residential area to the Swanston Light-Rail Station Area.

Streetscape improvements
Anaheim Downtown Improvements

MIG prepared conceptual plans and construction documents for site enhancements associated with the redevelopment of Downtown Anaheim.

View of constructed “Green Street” including stormwater planters
Dixieanne Avenue Green Street Plan

MIG led a team of urban designers, landscape architects, transportation planners and civil engineers to design and create construction documents for the first “Green Street” in Sacramento.

R Street Sketch Perspective
R Street Corridor Urban Design and Development Plan

MIG led a team of urban designers, architects, planners, engineers and economic analysts to develop a new vision and implementation plan to set the stage for long-awaited redevelopment along the R Street Corridor, a historic 20-block section of Sacramento’s old industrial belt.

Base Map
West Broadway Corridor Community Vision Plan

MIG worked extensively with the community to create a cohesive vision for West Broadway, the only major east-west arterial north of the Clark Fork River in Missoula, Montana which had a history of pedestrian accidents and deaths.

City Hall Plaza
West Capitol Avenue Streetscape and Urban Design Master Plan

MIG led a comprehensive consultant team to develop an Urban Design and Streetscape Master Plan for West Capitol Avenue, a major east-west 3.5-mile long arterial and commercial spine running through West Sacramento.

Urban Design Concept Diagram
Palm Avenue Commercial Corridor Master Plan

A Master Plan for Palm Avenue to transform this commercial spine into a vibrant pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly Complete Street.

Photo simulation of proposed Civic Center area improvements
San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan

Specific Plan that provides standardized design guidelines and development regulations along a major commercial and transit thoroughfare.

Existing Conditions (top) Photo Simulation of Potential Phased Improvements (middle & bottom)
San Bruno Transit Corridors Plan

A comprehensive Specific Plan that provides definition to the land uses and character of development along key boulevards and corridors.

Re:Streets - Streets Reconsidered

re:Streets is a multidisciplinary collaboration focused on the planning, design and construction of streets as a method for improving our built environment.

General Plans & Land Use Planning
Downtown Aerial
Hollister General Plan

Building from the community's vision for the future, MIG led this comprehensive General Plan update with initiatives to revitalize the Downtown and preserve open space.

General Plan Book
El Cerrito General Plan

Working closely with City staff, key stakeholders and local community members, MIG created an update of the City of El Cerrito’s General Plan to guide the development of the City through 2020.

Map of Land Use Alternatives
Richmond General Plan

As prime consultant, MIG led Richmond’s three-year comprehensive General Plan Update process.

Richmond General Plan Cover
Richmond General Plan: Climate Change Element

The three-year general planning effort led by MIG for the City of Richmond was designed to engage the entire community in planning and to reposition the City in the Bay Area and overall as a cutting-edge, 21st century City.

Ukiah Valley
Ukiah Valley Area Plan

MIG led a comprehensive effort to develop a revised and implementable area plan for the Ukiah Valley as a component of the Mendocino County General Plan.

Visitacion Valley
Visitacion Valley

Visitacion Valley Redevelopment Plan EIR for the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

Photo-simulation of proposed changes to Colorado Boulevard at 11th Street
Santa Monica Land Use and Circulation Element General Plan Update

MIG is currently leading a collaborative team to prepare the City of Santa Monica’s Land Use and Circulation Element.

Proposed Land Use
St Helena General Plan Update and EIR

A revision of St. Helena’s Comprehensive Plan that addresses current issues and concerns while invoking new planning concepts and directions.

Strategy Framework Diagram
Mountain View General Plan Community Visioning Process

MIG was selected by the City of Mountain View to build upon the community vision and plan framework to update its 2030 General Plan.

Oracle World Headquarters
Oracle World Headquarters Expansion Project EIR

Wagstaff/MIG prepared an EIR for a proposed 330,000-square-foot expansion by Oracle, Inc. of its world headquarters complex in the Island Park waterfront area of Belmont.

Photo simulation of proposed mixed-use parkade and resulting development on surrounding blocks
Winnipeg Parking Feasibility Study

Planning, feasibility and visualization of potential future parking facilities in downtown Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.

American River Parkway Integrated Area Plan

MIG led the development of a Plan that addresses safety, recreation and natural resource protection for 1,400 acres along five miles of the American River in Sacramento County.

San Antonio Visioning Website

Allows residents to share their thoughts and ideas for the future of the San Antonio neighborhood in Mountain View, CA.

Neighborhoods & Community Development
Yesler 1
Yesler Terrace

Envision a network of streets that links residents to a new streetcar line and knits the housing into the surrounding community. Streets, parks and gardens work together as a vibrant and connected public realm.

Community Workshop
Sonoma Valley Redevelopment Area Strategic Plan

MIG used a collaborative approach to develop a Redevelopment Area Strategic Plan, which will improve the overall quality of life in the Sonoma Valley.

MIG staff guided an interactive three-day planning charrette
Astor East Revised Urban Renewal Plan

MIG facilitated the Astor East Revised Urban Renewal Plan, an urban development decision that will shape Astoria’s landscape for generations.

 Neighborhood residents celebrate SNI improvements.
San Jose Strong Neighborhoods Initiative: Renewing the Action Agenda

MIG worked with the City and neighborhood leaders to develop a community-based program to improve, review and update neighborhood improvement plans.

Redwood City Redevelopment Agency staff identify challenges and discuss opportunities to improve mobility in the Fair Oaks neighborhood
Redwood City Fair Oaks Mobility Study

MIG worked with the City of Redwood City to conduct outreach and address critical connectivity issues in the Fair Oaks neighborhood.

MIG designed outreach and data collection materials to support the neighborhood improvement update process.
San Jose Strong Neighborhoods Initiative: Burbank/Del Monte Neighborhood

MIG worked with City staff and neighborhood leaders to develop a tailored approach to community outreach and neighborhood improvement planning.

Spokane Riverfront Park and North Bank Master Plan

MIG completed the Riverfront Park and North Bank Master Plan as an implementation step that was identified in the Spokane Downtown Development Plan.

University Neighborhood Strategy Diagram
Stockton Neighborhood Renaissance Program

MIG worked with the City to develop a community-based program to improve neighborhood conditions and service delivery.

Upper Market Plaza
Upper Market Street Community Vision and Design Plan

MIG worked with the City Planning Department to prepare a design plan for Upper Market Street that reflects the community’s vision and establish guidelines for development.

Development Framework Diagram
North Fair Oaks Community Plan and EIR

Establishes goals and policies for land use, housing, health and wellness, parks and recreation, circulation, and infrastructure improvements.

New Community Development
Yesler 1
Yesler Terrace

Envision a network of streets that links residents to a new streetcar line and knits the housing into the surrounding community. Streets, parks and gardens work together as a vibrant and connected public realm.

Final Concept
Chualar Community Development Plan

MIG created a development plan for Chualar that reflected community character and capitalized on community strengths.

Greenfair Village Concept Plan
Greenfair Village Development

MIG worked with developers Greenfair Village Partners in Sacramento, California to redevelop a 30-acre infill site east of Downtown.

Site Plan
Livermore Trails Specific Plan

MIG worked with a housing developer to plan and design a new community based on smart growth and sustainability principles.

Reuse and Brownfields
Map showing the concept plan for the project area
Education Corridor - Coeur d'Alene Master Plan

MIG developed a site master plan that unites four higher education institutions on a campus on the bank of the Spokane River.

Project map showing proposed changes to the campus core
California State University, Monterey Bay Master Plan Update

MIG developed a long-range master plan to help guide the transition of the California State University, Monterey Bay campus from an Army base to an institution of higher learning.

Community Forum Land Use Board
Fort Bragg Georgia-Pacific Mill Site Reuse Study

MIG led a dynamic visioning and land use planning process to identify future use and development principles for this 430-acre former mill site in Fort Bragg, California.

Transit Oriented Development
Night time shot 1
Fullerton Amtrak Station Platforms and Pedestrian Bridge Design

MIG designed the Amtrak Station platforms and pedestrian bridge in Fullerton, California.

Arden/ Del Paso Station Transit-oriented Development Site Plan
Northeast Line Light Rail Stations Transit-Oriented Development

Using a Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) model to concentrate development in and around transit hubs, MIG developed the Northeast Line Light Rail Stations Plan to transform underutilized and disconnected North Sacramento into a livable, walkable and vital neighborhood.

land use map 1
Swanston Station Transit Village Plan

MIG worked with the City of Sacramento to create the Swanston Station Area Transit Village Specific Plan.

Birdseye view of vision for Boyle Heights Transit Oriented Development
Gold Line Transit Oriented District Plans and Market Studies

Plan to build on city-wide initiatives to concentrate development around transit stations and support community needs.

Downtown Transit-oriented Development Strategy Diagram
Lodi Downtown Transit-Oriented Development Guidelines

Vision and design guidelines to make the Downtown district more transit- and pedestrian-friendly.

Existing Conditions (top) Photo Simulation of Potential Phased Improvements (middle & bottom)
San Bruno Transit Corridors Plan

A comprehensive Specific Plan that provides definition to the land uses and character of development along key boulevards and corridors.