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Open for Play!

Yanaguana Garden Play Area

Play-based learning roams free here, where dynamic experiences encourage interaction, creativity, exploration, learning and fitness. At Yanaguana Garden, free play invites children to take (manageable) risks that build confidence—and also encourages adults to get down and play too! In fact, it was designed as a place for everyone to play, using play to build community and as a catalyst for economic development in the surrounding area.

A large net play structure allows children to climb high, but has ropes to catch them if they slip. An inland beach lures both children and adults. Mosaic-covered seating and a climbable blue panther are inspired by a Payaya Indian origin story. Illuminated steel “pup-tents” form a camp circle and light, airy play structures form “houses” to gather, discover and make-believe. Speakers in the trees turn the sounds of children laughing into water-like sounds. There’s a psychedelic mural, large green spaces and walking/jogging paths. It’s the new world standard for innovative play for all ages.

Project Information

Hemisfair Park Area Redevelopment Corporation; City of San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas


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