Campus Planning and Design Studio

A planner and community member consider various campus design concepts. Overview of campus design plan for the University of Wyoming Laramie Campus. Students gather and chat at the UC Davis West Village housing complex.

Campus Planning and Design Studio

A campus reflects the history and culture of an institution, its educational mission and its long-term vision, goals and ideals, as well as it’s environmental setting and community context. We begin by analyzing the institutional potential, environmental factors, opportunities and constraints, and the strategies and actions needed to realize your vision. We provide a broad range of services including strategic planning and organizational development; physical master planning and urban design services; landscape architecture; development entitlements; and communications and engagement.

MIG is a national leader in facility planning, master planning, strategic planning, and educational programming for higher education. We work extensively with colleges and universities to involve campus communities in planning for future change.

Our Campus Planning and Design Studio is more than a series of projects—it is an opportunity to create strategic partnerships with our clients. We bring innovation and best practices to all of our projects, as well as a sophisticated, integrated and collaborative approach. We ensure that our clients are strategic and nimble in addressing emerging paradigms in higher education—and in meeting the challenges of the future.

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