Play Studio

Child jumping joyfully in a water play area. Adult man leaping over parkour bars in a park. Climbing structure of a friendly giant looking down at an illustration of children playing. Adults and children playing foosball in an outdoor area. Close up of young hands playing in a natural sand and water area.

Play Studio

MIG takes play seriously. Since our founding, we have been unabashed advocates for the power of play in human development, lifelong health, and collective happiness. MIG’s Play Studio is a dedicated team of play experts who advance our firm’s work and promote play for everyone, every day, and everywhere.

We all know that play is fun and joyful, but it is also much more than that — play shapes our brains, opens us up to a variety of possibilities, and makes us more adaptable to new situations. Just like nutrition and sleep, play is essential to our well-being, creativity, and intelligence. At MIG, we believe that everyone learns and develops best through play, that play doesn’t end in childhood, and that play belongs in many more places beyond the playground.

Our Play Studio brings this inclusive approach to projects of every size and type, and we are known for listening and playing well with others. In addition to pushing the play envelope, our primary goals are to approach each project with open minds and hearts and to create equitable, welcoming designs that resonate today and in the future.

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