Alex Dupey

Alex Dupey

Alex Dupey (AICP) is a highly accomplished planner with over 20 years of experience working with public and private clients across the country on complex urban planning, transportation, and community design and development projects. Alex was drawn to planning’s broader impact as a synthesis of urban form,
design and community engagement. His expert facilitation skills have enabled him to engage clients, stakeholders and the public in complex—and sometimes contentious—conversations that help define shared goals and build consensus around implementation strategies. Because every project is different, he strives to make each one relatable and cogent to each community—ensuring that its history and culture are acknowledged and reflected while addressing its future needs and aspirations. While he appreciates keeping a vision in mind, Alex also focuses on implementation and producing tangible results along the way. He has presented nationally on multimodal travel options, pedestrian-focused design standards, and online public engagement tools and techniques.

Alex is Director of Planning Services, Northwest

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