AHBE | MIG Merger Featured In Industry Magazine

Landscape Architecture Magazine featured the joining of Los Angeles-based landscape architects AHBE with MIG, in “A Merger Makes a New Market.” The magazine notes that “over the past two decades, AHBE has become well regarded for its high-quality civic landscapes….It’s perhaps best known for the Burbank Water and Power EcoCampus.

The article continues: “The merger of AHBE and the planning, design, and engineering company MIG is set to double down on the growth and development of Los Angeles, offering MIG more design ‘depth and capability’ and giving AHBE’s legacy a sturdy institutional buttress, says Daniel Iacofano, FASLA, a founding principal of MIG.”

Quoting AHBE founder Calvin Abe, “MIG provides such a multifaceted, multidisciplinary practice that it creates a whole different frame for us to operate, and be supported.” Abe says the two firms were united by a shared, civic purpose. “MIG has Daniel’s vision of making the world a better place,” he says. “Our practices are quite different, but that’s what binds us together.”