How can we weave nature into streets?
nature into streets?
How can we weave
Can it always
Can it always be play time?
be play time?
What if birds
What if birds were in charge?
were in charge?
How can design immerse you in a place?
immerse you in a place?
How can design
What if communities did the planning?
did the planning?
What if communities
How can public spaces make us healthier and happier?
make us healthier and happier?
How can public spaces

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Streets Reconsidered Book Cover
MIG News
Streets Reconsidered: Inclusive Design for the Pubic Realm, by Daniel Iacofano and Mukul Malhotra, shows what streets can offer communities if they are designed for people, along with vehicles. Get a 20% discount!
Thought Leader
What are the next urban trends and transformations? MIG Principal Chris Beynon lays out 10 interconnected, disruptive and exciting mash ups you need to know about.
Assiniboine Park
Case Studies
Global issues, local stories, real actions: How a zoo exhibition tackled climate change and increased its revenue.

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