How can design immerse you in a place?
immerse you in a place?
How can design
How can play make the world
How can play make the world a better place?
a better place?
How can building a bridge
How can building a bridge help nesting birds?
help nesting birds?
How can we weave nature into streets?
nature into streets?
How can we weave
What if communities did the planning?
did the planning?
What if communities
How can honored traditions lead to modern solutions?
lead to modern solutions?
How can honored traditions

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“Easily read and clearly explained and illustrated, the book should be in the library of every municipal planning department, urban design firm, landscape architecture offices and community organizations promoting healthy living and great human spaces,” the EDRA jury stated.
LAF Quantifies Yanaguana Garden Successes
MIG News
Landscape Architecture Foundation released its case study of Yanaguana Garden Play Area in San Antonio, citing quantifiable environmental, social and economic benefits.
MIG News
The new plan defines the essence of this Ashland park and won the Award of Excellence for Analysis & Planning from the Oregon ASLA.

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