How can we weave nature into streets?
nature into streets?
How can we weave
Can it always
Can it always be play time?
be play time?
What if birds
What if birds were in charge?
were in charge?
How can design immerse you in a place?
immerse you in a place?
How can design
What if communities did the planning?
did the planning?
What if communities
How can public spaces make us healthier and happier?
make us healthier and happier?
How can public spaces

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Advancing Equity: New Solutions
Thought Leader
How can you create inclusive communities that lift children out of poverty? MIG Equity Studio Director Jamillah Jordan offers insights and catalytic solutions during her recent IDA Master Talk.
Cindy Mendoza
Thought Leader
Can your town or city—whether urban or rural, built-out or still developing, park-rich or park-poor—offer all residents the benefits of a park or recreation activity with a 10-minute walk? Absolutely. With a little imagination, collaboration and a fresh new perspective, every city can find opportunities to better connect people to parks.
MIG News
A new memorial will honor those lost in a tragic, massive mudslide near Oso Washington, as well as those who survived and the first and community responders.

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