• EBMUD 100 Years
  • EBMUD 100 Years

Celebrate Water in the East Bay!

Don’t shower! Turn off that water! You might think that was California during a drought. But no! It was in the 1920s when the railroad controlled water rights in SF’s East Bay and sent police to schools and houses to make sure the water was off. Seriously! They did. And the 18 small water providers in the area were no match for the might of the railroad. 

In 1923, residents voted to combined the companies, forming the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), and paving the way for the infrastructure that the area relies on today to bring water from the snowpack of the Sierra Nevada. In 1951, wastewater treatment operations started. As it approaches its 100th year, EBMUD delivers high-quality water to more than 1.4 million customers and provides wastewater services to 685,000 customers. 

Time to celebrate with a high impact 100th Anniversary campaign for EBMUD.

The theme behind it is that water is integral to our lives every day; we all simply turn on the tap without even thinking about it. So the imagery focuses on people making pasta and cooking together, watering flowers, and enjoying the natural wonder of the Mokelumne River, where East Bay water flows. 

Because the East Bay is so diverse, the team had to take care to make the campaign culturally relevant for different audiences. Simple translation wasn’t enough because familiar English phrases don’t necessarily translate.

The campaign is running in May on East Bay, billboards, transit shelters, bus benches, and on social media. 

Another part of the celebration is partnerships with East Bay small businesses that use a lot of water. Like Drake’s Brewing, an independent craft brewery in San Leandro, that’s making a special Drake’s Centennial Brew.

And on May 21 (mark your calendars!!) EBMUD is hosting a free Community Fair at Lake Temescal in Oakland, featuring Drake’s Centennial, Oaklandish merchandise, food, games and more. Register at EBMUD.com.

For more information, contact Rebecca Graham.