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CPRS Focuses on a 10-Minute Walk

The Summer 2019 California Park and Recreation Society magazine includes an article by MIG’s Cindy Mendoza and Lauren Schmitt about the new park standard: within a 10-minute walk. 

The CPRS article, co-authored with Frank Carson, El Cajon Director of Recreation, uses El Cajon’s new park plan—one of the nation’s first 10-minute walk plans—to show how this is the new standard for park access, as communities strive to support recreation, protect greenspace and create desirable
places to live.

“We created a unique partnership with the Trust for Public Land, and applied Esri’s Network Analyst, the City’s inventory, and TPL’s ParkServe® Data to map unserved areas, barriers to access and potential opportunities for enhanced service, Mendoza says. “We then developed seven strategies to enhance gap areas throughout the city. El Cajon can serve as a model for cities nationwide.”

You can read more about the plan and contact Cindy at cindym@migcom.com and Lauren Schmitt at laurens@migcom.com