• Muni’s Return-to-Service Campaign
  • Muni’s Return-to-Service Campaign
  • Muni’s Return-to-Service Campaign

Creating Buzz for the Bus, Muni’s Return-to-Service Campaign

With the pandemic’s profound impact on public transit, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s (SFMTA’s) Muni service experienced dramatic drops in ridership between 2019-2021. 

As the City began to reopen in Spring 2022 and employees started to return to their offices, SFMTA—in partnership with MIG—launched an integrated marketing campaign, “Muni Moves You,” to bring riders back to transit.

MIG developed a series of eye-catching ads that reimagined Muni’s iconic red “worm” logo in new contexts—from modern art to a bowl of ramen—encouraging riders to “return to transit” for various trips. The campaign also highlighted the significant service improvements Muni has made during the pandemic, with proof points that give San Francisco residents even more “reason to ride.” 

Digital ads linked to an upbeat three-minute video hosted on the web, describing how service improvements increase connectivity and accessibility throughout all San Francisco neighborhoods—further supporting Muni’s dedication to faster, more reliable, and more equitable service.

Promoted through transit shelters and news racks across the City; in digital out-of-home placements in San Francisco office tower elevators, taxi hoods, neighborhood gyms and bodegas; targeted digital and social media ads in English, Chinese and Spanish—the “Muni Moves You” campaign has created renewed buzz, City pride and garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from viewers in its first month after launch.

“I love seeing this series of Muni ads at bus shelters! They’re so clever and right on brand!”

“The news ads using the Muni logo to illustrate all the fun things you can do riding Muni are really cool.”

“I’d put these (ads) on my wall. #brandnerd #transitnerd”