• Power of Communities

MIG Honors The Power of Communities During COVID-19

Few things are as remarkable as the power of the human condition to both shape and be shaped by the world around us, particularly as we consider the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we confront together this invisible force, MIG is heartened to see a deepening appreciation and visibility across the globe of the value of communities and the human connections that sustain us all even while apart.

We would like to take this moment to thank all of those who are on the front lines of our communities during these times: the medical workers, agricultural workers, delivery people, grocery suppliers and clerks, first responders, and so many others who ensure human-centric resources and logistics are in place. We would also like to thank our clients and community partners for their ongoing dedication to creating a more cohesive and equitable society that offers hope for future generations. 

Since our founding in 1981, MIG has been honored to serve our communities as a convener, listener and catalyst for change. Today, MIG is actively developing a range of projects as we help our clients adapt to new processes for virtual meetings and other essential interactions. We are also deploying new technologies to ensure our clients have access to the tools they need. We will continue to support human development and the overall health of our physical, social and natural environments in every way that we can. 

As we consider the many ways our lives have been changed, and may be impacted into the future, we reaffirm our commitment to a more cohesive and equitable society. We welcome you to consider the possibilities together.