• Planning a City’s Future

Planning a City’s Future

Helping cities plan for the future, evolve their core identities and create an equitable, inclusive and vibrant place for people; that’s what MIG is passionate about. MIG VP and Chief Development Officer Chris Beynon shares insight into the firm’s approaches in Kansas City, in an Imagine Downtown KC podcast conversation. 

MIG is leading the Downtown Council’s strategic planning process and has conducted community workshops, focus groups and one-on-one interviews all online, in the time of Covid. Beynon talks about how, as the pendulum swings back from living in the suburbs to living in cities and downtowns again, Kansas City—and all cities—can rethink how their city functions, creating new infrastructure meant for people and new economic pathways that allow every resident to thrive. 

Have a listen to the discussion with Kansas City host Kemet Dumas Coleman.