• Raising Public Expectations for Public Spaces

Raising Public Expectations for Public Spaces

Should public agency workspaces look spartan and cost-effective so no one gets upset about wasting public money? The opposite, said MIG Principal Gary Lai in a think tank discussion.

During the recent discussion about public sector design, covered by Metropolis Magazine, Gary responded to a comment that it’s the perception of how much money was spent on public spaces that matters—they shouldn’t look too nice. He countered that, instead, reasonable expectations of public spaces need to be raised. In fact, emphasizing government’s leading role in sustainability might stir up public pride and desires. “For example, we know that people’s connection to nature is very important…especially for those in already stressful jobs…and in the big scheme of things, landscape is very inexpensive to put in.” AHBE | MIG’s landscape design for Burbank Water and Power is a good example of that.