• Sports Equity

Technology to Boost Park Access

How do you ensure California's fastest-growing city can provide all its residents with equitable access to quality sports fields? With a cutting-edge Sports Equity Dashboard.

The City of Sacramento launched the innovative new tool that combines technology with community needs to evaluate each of the City's 210 sports fields. The Dashboard findings helped the Youth, Parks, and Community Enrichment Department identify disparities in Sacramento's sports fields; create a mapping tool to help staff better understand the overall distribution of sports fields concerning under-resourced and youth communities; and assign an "equity score" to help prioritize and allocate resources to under-resourced and under-served communities.

MIG's Cindy Mendoza, Principal and Director of Parks + Recreation, explains how the Sports Equity Dashboard works in a Spring 2023 article for "California Parks & Recreation Magazine." It's  a model for guiding investment in sports fields to support the community's goals for fostering equity and youth development.

Check out the full article: "Equitable Improvements to Sacramento's Sports Fields"