• Yanaguana Garden Chosen for LAF Case Study

Yanaguana Garden Chosen for LAF Case Study

“The power of design will create a healthier, more equitable and sustainable world.” That’s the motto of the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF). Its prestigious case study investigations document the benefits of exemplary, high-performing landscape projects. This time it’s our Yanaguana Garden Play Area under the microscope. 

More than a simple children's play area, Yanaguana Gardens provide urban play experiences for all ages.

LAF funds faculty-student research teams to quantify the environmental, social and economic benefits of a place.

This year, LAF has chosen 12 projects to study, from around the world. The CSI teams are led by Research Fellows, select faculty members who have expertise in quantifying landscape benefits. Fellows develop methods for data collection and provide the academic rigor needed to support designers, policy-makers, and other advocates who are making the case for sustainable landscape solutions. The case study will be published in LAF’s award-winning Landscape Performance Series, this coming summer.