About MIG

We believe that the environment around us has a profound impact on our lives. We plan, design and sustain environments that support human development.

Since we were founded in 1982, we have always embraced inclusivity and encouraged community and stakeholder participation in all our projects. Our approach is strategic, context-driven and holistic, addressing your project’s unique social, political, economic and physical factors. Our entire staff prides itself on delivering on promises, going beyond your expectations, and being fun and inspiring to work with. 



Dan Amsden

Director of Sacramento Operations

Barbara Beard

Director of Environmental Analysis

Russell Brady

Director of Planning Services

Amy Bridge

Director of Strategic Development

Lisa Brownfield

Director of Planning Services

Heather Buczek

Director of Accessibility Services

Steve Burke

Director of Major Infrastructure

Ed Canalin

Art Director

Tim Carroll

Director of Social Marketing

Deanna Chow Trotter

Director of Marketing Strategy

Scott Davidson

Director of Contract Planning Services

Mark Davies

Director of Infrastructure Design Services

Alex Dupey

Director of Planning Services

Melissa Erikson

Director of Landscape Architecture

Matthew Gaber

Director of Landscape Architecture

Kathy Gwilym

Director of Quality Assurance

Steve Kokotas

Director of Technology

Jose de Jesus Leal

Director of Sacramento Operations

Laurie Matthews

Director of Preservation Planning

Deirdre McCollister

Director of Entitlement Services

Chase Mullen

Director of Digital Design

Philip Myrick

Director of Planning Services

Amy Parravano

Director of Biological Services

Taylor Peterson

Director of Biological Analysis

Chris Purtell

Director of Cultural Resources

Anita Roach

Director of Strategic Pursuits

Johanna Schorr

Director of Architecture

Serena Sidmore

Director of Marketing Operations

Adele Torreano

Director of Business Services

Joyce Vollmer

Director of Strategic Communications

Rick Zimmer

Director of Planning Services