What if we
What if we re-imagined streets?
re-imagined streets?
Can it always
Can it always be play time?
be play time?
What if communities did the planning?
did the planning?
What if communities
Can a transit mall be a destination?
be a destination?
Can a transit mall
What do red-legged frogs have to do with it?
frogs have to do with it?
What do red-legged
Can we make history come alive?
history come alive?
Can we make

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MIG News
San Diego-based MJE Marketing and MIG are now MIG | MJE, greatly expanding our marketing, branding, design, advertising, public relations and outreach services in Southern California.
Thought Leader
MIG Principal Chris Beynon challenged communities and businesses to create inclusive cities that benefit all residents.
Case Studies
Three times as much parkland, bicycle and pedestrian connections to and through the park and to the River Walk, and a happy community.

We build inclusive communities that support human development.