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Pedestrian-Friendly Greening

Bainbridge Island Sewer and Water Main Replacement

The Bainbridge Island community took advantage of a water quality issue to recreate Winslow Way, which runs through its historic downtown. Urban stormwater runoff was sending pollutants (bacteria, oils, heavy metals and chemicals) into the bay. New stormwater planters, rain gardens and infiltration cells, along with infiltration devices that use rechargeable, self-cleaning cartridges that absorb and retain pollutants now naturally cleanse the water. While they were at it, the City relocated overhead utilities, improved intersections and provided wider sidewalks, gathering areas, bike facilities and site amenities.

Winslow Way is now a vibrant pedestrian downtown environment with a wide variety of activities. And water quality issue are eliminated or vastly reduced. Plus, well-documented PS&E’s resulted in competitive bidding coming in within less than one percent of the $4.6 million engineer’s estimate.

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City of Bainbridge Island
Bainbridge Island, Washington


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