• Lower LA Revitalization Community Outreach
  • Lower LA Revitalization Community Outreach
  • Lower LA Revitalization Meeting
  • Lower LA Revitalization Meeting
  • Lower LA Revitalization Community Outreach

An Urban Treasure Revitalized

Lower LA River Revitalization Planning

The LA River used to flow freely from the Santa Susana Mountains for 51 miles through Los Angeles County to the ocean—and it flooded regularly. When the lower 21 miles of the river were completely channelized, the adjacent communities largely forgot about the river as a community resource. But the river is now being revitalized as a new urban treasure that will enrich residents’ quality of life and help sustain the economy of the region.

We’ve designed and are conducting a community-driven process to develop A Lower LA River Revitalization Plan that will address the unique and diverse needs of the river corridor and its communities. A local 40-member Working Group has already met over 20 times, while a multi-pronged community engagement process includes traditional workshops, creative “pop-up” outreach events and web-based mapping surveys (using our Mapita tool). We also collaborate with planning and engineering teams to ensure an integrated approach.

The Revitalization Plan will maintain the river as a resource that provides flood protection, recreation opportunities, natural habitat and open space, as well as opportunities for river-oriented development—while addressing water quality, health equity and active transportation issues.

Project Information

Los Angeles County Department of Public Works and the San Gabriel and Lower LA Rivers and Mountains Conservancy
Los Angeles County, California


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